Herghelia Lucina                                                                                                         

Leaganul calului hutul

Lucina stud history.

Lucina Stud is located in Bukovina at an altitude between 1200-1590 meters and a distance of 45 kilometers northwest of Campulung Moldovenesc city.
Before setting down  Hutsuls stud horse, since 1788, Lucina was used as pastures for horse colts from Radauti horse stud and as a part of  the growth sectors of young equine from that herd.
In 1807 were built shelters for youth, but they were totally destroyed by fire in 1813.
In 1817 were  built again four stables, a barn for horses and working accommodation for existing staff. There followed a period of development of pastures, marshes and drainage, in 1846 - 1847 was built by a military unit of pioneers, the first road that linked the Lucina stud and Moldova Sul;ita village, along Lucava valley.
In 1856 was founded the hutuls stud horse Lucina ,under the command of Colonel Martin Von Hermman, this horse race was  popular within  the Austrian army, in machine guns companies, because of exceptional abilities to slip on mountain paths, on thr edge of the precipice but also because the ability to carry heavy weights, not demanding special conditions of feeding, showing a great degree of strength and exceptional adaptability.